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Does anyone know what my chances are ? London referral



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Aug 10, 2009
Hi some of you are familiar with my story and the bridge I had fitted last year and the nightmare that has followed. It has been decided by both the consultant that I saw and My dentist that the best way forward is a referral to a London Dental Hospital to do the work. My dentist is waiting for a reply from someone to give permission to send me there.

Can anyone on here, maybe Gordon or one of the other dentists that know my story say what my chances are given all the problems I have had Please ?
Very good I would have thought based on my Mum's recent NHS experience for medical stuff. The talk of 'permission' is probably just the 'bureaucratic internal market/funding following the patient stuff' re which NHS trust pays for your treatment even though it is provided in London and not your hometown.
The decision that you need treatment has already been made by the consultant you saw, I would think. Things may be looking up Swampiesue.:jump:
Hi there, thanks Brit I thought the permission Might be something like that, However I live in Norfolk, I have mixed feelings about funding here and the Consultant I saw was not at the London hospital,but at a Norfolk Hospital. I guess The London Hospital will have to see me and agree to treat me too.

This whole thing began a year ago on the 24th of this month...:o
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Brit may I ask what type of dentist your Mum had to see and where it was ?
It was medical not dental.
Oh right ... sorry lol.. I am praying that they will help me, :thumbsup:
Just a thought, I am also worried that even if excepted how long is the waiting list likely to be I wonder, :confused:
How long is a piece of string? ;)
It is going to vary from area to area. It's a shame the specialist you already saw wasn't more communicative, still strange that you are being referred elsewhere for a fix or so it seems.
I think it will be to the Eastman, I guess it is because they are more specialised in the sort of occlusion problems I have. Norwich only does cancer patients but there is no guarantee that the Eastman, will except me either in which case my dentist has said, he will do his best for me.