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Does it show (pic)?



Mar 4, 2020
I’m probably going to get slagged off or told off big time. I understand my teeth aren’t in good condition but in the photo, can you tell if there is anything visibly wrong or work that needs done? I feel I’m having pain on the right side and awaiting to speak to dentist (toothache) I also wondered what the black marks are?
Hi A196x,

rest assured that slagging or telling people off is not what we do here :)
I have similar marks on few of my bottom molars and they do not do any harm and do not need treatment, so not everything dark on teeth is necessarily a bad thing.
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There’s no way to be sure what’s needing done from pics so definitely get to a dentist and let them have a look, if you’re having pain it likely means there’s something that needs looked at :)

The black marks could just be some stain or could be decay. There are also some signs of acid erosion on your molars.
See a dentist but looks like you have an acidic diet that is eroding your teeth