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Does IV sedation help with gag reflex?



Junior member
Jul 9, 2017
Hi there,
I have had severe fear of dentists since I was a child and in addition this has been amplified by my strong gag reflex that has become even stronger lately. I had always been avoiding going to the dentist (even though I had a very understanding one) until I absolutely had no other choice and now my teeth are really bad. I have recently moved to Spain and broke a front tooth in addition to having a couple hind overdue cavities which is making it really difficult to eat. I have mustered up strength to go for an appointment. After the check-up and x-rays ( all of which was accompanied by me crying) the dentist referred me to a centre for dentistry under sedation, and recommended IV sedation. My fear now is about my gag reflex and I am wondering if anyone with a bad gag reflex has had work done under IV sedation and if it helped. I have read many posts on here about IV sedation and it has reassured me, but not many people mention anything about gagging. I dread going under and still gagging to the point that I can't sleep at night. I wonder which sedation method is most effective for gaggers. Thanks in advance!


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Jul 19, 2009
Miami, Fl