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Does my extraction site sound ok?



Junior member
Jul 11, 2014
I got a molar removed 4 days ago, it hurt on the first day but it doesnt hurt at all since then. On the first day it just looked red but now the socket is a white/yellow but with a small patch of green? I have no pain and no other symptoms but im so scared that its infected? I hope not because I have been only eating yoghurt and soft bread and rinsing with salt water 4 times a day. I don't know why it would get infected from that. It was more green yesterday but today its less green and more white/yellow. If i have no pain and no other symptoms is this a good thing? Im so scared! It was my first extraction. Please help! :cry: :helpme:


Well-known member
Apr 16, 2008
Illinois, USA
The best thing to do would be to call your dentist and give him/her the description you gave here.