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Does this dental implant look right?



May 21, 2014
Finally, after a couple of years through multiple dentists and cancellations and all that good stuff, I got my new crown and dental implant correct. For those that remember, I was a bit concerned about the back tooth and thought maybe it needed to be pulled due to some pain (which x-rays found nothing) and due to it being so short. As it is, we stuck with the plan on putting the permanent crown on after cleaning up the tooth a bit and it sounds like he did some etching as well (I could not tell but it sounded like he was showing his assistant how it was done the process). The crown feels ok. The bite doesn't seem off like I've had before, not too high on one side thankfully.

My concern now is the implant. I feel like there's just a lot of room underneath the tooth for the implant. Like I can legit put my tongue underneath it. Here is a pic, I guess. Are the gums here going to be growing up into the bottom of the tooth or is it always going to be like this? FYI - lots of food keeps getting stuck under it and I will be officially back to chewing on that side tomorrow again for the first time since 2020.

20220125_103407 (1).jpg
I hope one of the dentists on here can give you some advice. All I can say is that I have four implants and not one of them looks like that. I can imagine how hard that would be for keeping clean!
My gums didn’t really change at all once the implants were in. One of mine, you can see the metal abutment, as it is a screw retained gum level implant. If I run my tongue over it, I can feel the edge of the implant, but there isn’t a big gap.

For me, it would be worth a conversation with the dentist who did the crown. On my front tooth implant, I asked for the crown to be redone, as it didn’t look right the first time. It was the wrong color and shape compared to my other teeth, and front teeth are super visible! My dentist had it redone and the second one is much better. You paid for a crown already…it should be functional and look nice.