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Does this filling need further smoothing down?



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Sep 25, 2019
About six months ago i got two adjacent fillings. I asked my dentist to smooth them out after he did them, and we stayed there a long time smoothing them down. But by the end of it i was still feeling a slight edge, but i kinda gave up on it and thought it would finish up on its own, or maybe it was just my tongue being numb.

I'm now looking at them and i see this weird cornery shape on them, instead of being smooth.


The feeling on the tooth is fine. I can kinda feel that shape if i go specifically probing for it, but otherwise i don't really feel it.

Is this something that NEEDS further smoothing down? Or is it fine to leave it? Or is (hopefully not) the filling just poorly done?

I'm kinda scared of having it smoothed down further, cause we spent so much time smoothing it, i'm scared it might end overly smooth or something? I just want my filling to last and to not have more work done in my mouth :(

This specifically is the bit i can feel with my tongue when i go scouting:
20240122_233259.jpg20240122_235046 (1).jpg

I guess this is also making me wonder if the dentist who did this filling might just be bad? Cause none of the other fillings i ever had looked like this.

I hope not. But i guess it's a fair question to ask before i need more work done with this guy... ?
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Yes it needs a bit more polishing.