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Does this look like my filling fell off



Well-known member
Sep 25, 2019
recently had a filling on the other side of a tooth that already has a huge filling on the opposite side, and it looks to me like its fallen off but i'm not sure and i'm panicking. I was worried cause my tongue kept stinging a bit on that side of the mouth and now im looking at it and i'm not sure if it looks like a chunk is missing?

Also if it has fallen do you think it can be replaced while still keeping the tooth intact, given that there's a big big (near the root)) filling on the other side of the fallen filling

These are photos20230811_170154.jpg20230811_170002.jpg20230811_165924.jpg
Note i don't remember if the filling was actually on that teeth or the molar near it, it just looks like a chunk is missing from the pre molar so i assume it was there and fell off?
It doesn't look too bad, as ever, can't be sure without looking at it, but looks like there's been a thin piece of filling or possibly weakly supported enamel has chipped away, it probably just needs polished a bit to smooth of the rough edge.