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Does this sound like a nerve related issue? Constant uncomfortable pain



Junior member
Feb 17, 2014
I have posted on here before with not much help to my question.
I had 2 wisdom teeth removed on upper and lower left side a year ago.
The lower tooth had a cyst and was right sitting on a nerve.They only took half of the tooth and cyst, I was doing well with no problems until 6 weeks later I went to my dentist to get fillings on upper and lower left side 2nd molars. The day I had the filling on upper tooth I went home in terrible pain. Turns out the upper one had to get root canal. Heres the thing. When the tooth hurt badly after the filling it not only had extreme pain it mostly had terrible pressure in it which made the lower left side jaw hurt as well. Then after the root canal the crazy part is. The pressure never left. Plus I can feel the pressure in the lower left jaw too. Its worse in the upper left 2nd molar that was filled and rt canaled. It has completely changed me. I am distracted by it everyday. Its very uncomforatble. I want my life back. I want to feel normal again. It feels like my gum is swollen on that side and or a ton of pressure like somebody pushing on tooth and lower jaw. Oral surgeon says he doesnt know, but kinda blames it on clenching. I wore a night guard doesnt help. I take magnesium which helps with clenching tremendously. All the dental work I had to go through without a break in a years time caused this clenching which now is very much improved. My jaw feels off and not line properly but they put that tape between teeth and say its fine. I don't know what to do or who to go to anymore. Will I be like this forever ?
Hi, we messaged back in January when I was waiting to see oral surgery. Sorry things are still so bad for you. Unfortunately, I'm in the same situation. I've recently had an MRI scan to see if the nerve damage can be seen; I will get the results in a couple of weeks. If they can't see anything, then they won't do anything more and I will be discharged and referred to pain management for medication.
The worst thing is feeling helpless, so I know what you're going through. It zaps the life out of you. I have been told that a lot of my pain problems are because of clenching, so I always wear the nightguard, but I don't know how much it's helping.
I've been taking B vitamins as they're supposed to help with healthy nerves, but I haven't seen any difference. Now I'll give magnesium a try, thanks for the tip.
I wish I could suggest something to help you. Did the oral surgeon offer you any medication?
What I find really frustrating is that they always blame this sort of thing on clenching, if I clench at night I have been doing it for 50 years without a problem so why suddenly after seeing a dentist and having work done it is now suddenly a problem.

Wisdom teeth and certain other rear teeth are more prone to nerve damage either through infection or damage through dental work

The nest step for the both of you would be a 8 week trial on low dose Amitriptyline 10mg at first going up every 7 days to 40-50mg stopping when you get relief. It is an old style anti-depressant but doses of 100mg+ are need for anti-depressant effect. It is seldom prescribed for mental health issues these days but is more or less the first line of treatment for Nerve pain. If you want to short circuit the system go to your GP and request it, IF you do feel it is a nerve related problem. It seems one of the key component in nerve pain is that OTC pain killer do not offer any relief, so if this is the case for you it might be worth giving a nerve pain treatment a try.