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Does this sound like an abscess?



Junior member
Apr 5, 2014
Hello guys,

So for the past few months, there's this recurring blister thing on the base of my canine tooth. It's exactly at the base, maybe only a few millimeters from the tooth itself.

It's small, like a canker sore, and doesn't hurt. I usually pop it, and clear liquid will come out, leaving a red mark on the gum. Then a few weeks/months later, it happens again and I do the same thing - pops it.

I did a bit of reading and seems like this could be an abscess? The tooth seems healthy though. I went to the dentist last December and I didn't say anything cos then, this blister wasn't 'on'.

I plan to go to visit my dentist :)cry:) next week, but I have a long trip coming up soon till early next month so won't be able to have any big procedures done soon. Will it be a problem? So far the tooth and the blister haven't been causing me problems *knocks wood*

So... tooth abscess?


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Jan 5, 2012
Hi WELCOME to the forum :jump::jump::jump:

You are not going to like this but really until a dentist can have a look and maybe do an x ray to see what is going on under the gums I don't think anyone will be able to give you an answer.

I am not a dentist but I have recently had a couple of abscesses to deal with. Usually your choice is removal or root canal if it is an abscess. Removal is quick and painless and is an instant cure. Root canal is still painless but may take a little bit longer. They can do a rct in one or two visits and if a crown is to be placed on the tooth then this is usually done in a few months time. This give's the tooth time to settle down and if any problems do present then they can be dealt with without spoiling a new crown.

On the other hand it could be something completely different, maybe nothing at all but it is important that you let your dentist have a look an advise you.

An abscess usually gives you a lot of pain and a very nasty taste when it bursts.

I hope this is of some help to you, I would be interested in reading how you get on if you could find the time to write your results.

All the best to you, GOOD LUCK :clover::clover::clover: :butterfly: