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Does this sound weird?



Jul 6, 2020
Today I had my first appointment in 10+ years and was told I need 20
Fillings and 2 root canals and a pulp cap. The root canals I need are on the top last molar on both sides of my mouth. They are going to do both on the same day and said to expect to be there a long time. Does this sound right? That sounds like a lot of numbing and a lot of time in the chair. Apparently, the root canal guy only comes once a month so he does as many as he can in that day each month...
I am not a dentist but it may not hurt to get a second opinion if you are concerned. Is there another dentist you can go to for a checkup?
I have had one molar root canal, and the endodontist split the appointment into two sessions. It took about an hour and a half for each session. The first appointment she drilled into the tooth and cleaned out most of it. She put a medicine in it and the a temporary filling. The next appointment she finished it.
They are doing everything that day on both sides except for the permanent crowns those will be placed once they come in..
My dentist also took 2 sessions for one root canal. Two root canals at once is probably possible (you’d probably need at least 2 hours though, molars have at least 3 roots!), but doing everything in one day seems like a lot!
I hope they’re not rushing it because the guy only comes once a month. Best thing to do would be to ask!
There are several parts of the story that would make me want to get a second opinion.

First of all, 20 fillings and 2 root canals sounds like a lot of treatment. In dentistry different dentists can have different opinions or more / less aggressive approach. For this reason I would want to get a second opinion to be sure it's really 20 fillings and 2 root canals.

Secondly, this is about where are you at with your fears. Reading your first post it sounds like you were mostly scared of needing too much treatment. You haven't mentioned much about anxiety of the treatment itself and whether you find it difficult to cope. Most people with dental fear find a treatment difficult so any kind caring dentist would make sure to start slowly to prevent overwhelming them. Having a phobe sitting in the chair for three hours right at the first treatment appointment could make them avoid dentist for years afterwards.
If you however don't find it difficult to cope with the visit as such, then it's ok to have a long treatment. If the opposite is true, then getting two root canals at once doesn't sound right to me.

Last thing for me is this: you should always be offered choices and be able to participate in how you want to get the treatment. I wouldn't be happy with anyone telling me how much treatment I should be getting when. If their endo comes in once a month then that's their (kind of unflexible) way to go about things. There still should be space for your own preferences.

Again, this is my perspective and the main question reminds: does this sound right to you and are you feeling ok with the course of treatment they suggested?
I am not sure how I feel about that long of a session because yes I fear being in the chair that long but at the same time I fear having to go through it twice even more. A second opinion would cost me even more money that’s why I hesitate and it would mean subjecting myself and my story about my fears to another hygienist and dentist. This place didn’t judge me and treated me well regardless that it had been 10 years and that I was scared. The 20 fillings comes from being between my teeth from not flossing. I’m going to have them do just the molar cavities first and worry about those between teeth ones last. The amount sounded high to me too but they showed me each x ray and I could see the cavities on there :( I dread all the work and money it will cost but will be glad to get it over with and back to a normal 6 month routine that will help my fears a lot to go and hear no issues at a 6 month cleaning
Like others have said I would seek 2nd opinion