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Does this tooth look infected?? (Panoramic)



Junior member
Mar 11, 2017
Soo I've had a heck of a time with tooth #30. After a trip to the Endodontist, it was discovered that tooth #30 is dead and badly infected. It's been hard to clear the infection and causing a lot of anxiety. For a completely unrelated reason, I decided to obtain a copy of my last pano from 2014... and it appears that the infection may have been present even back then (dark shadow around the tooth's root), but I'm obviously not qualified to read it. Can someone take a look for me?? If this infection has been going on since 2014 or sooner... I will be in shock.:cry:

A dead tooth doesn't mean infected. There was something wrong in 2014 as to infected or other pathology that's for your doctor to diagnose