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Does white filling need more time to settle or I need root canal?

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Feb 4, 2016
2 months ago my molar tooth hurt on cold and sweet so I had to change my "silver" filling and now I have "white" one (I don't know much about fillings so I call it silver and white, sorry). Then 1 month ago it started to hurt again (it hurts for a few seconds on water and sweet again, so not a few minutes, just under minute) so I went to another dentist and he changed filling, gave me another "white". It is deep, he also put something on the bottom (a "medicine" for root, don't know how to explain it better) and it was good for about a week. Then it started to hurt again on water and sweet (not on bite, not spontaneously) but this time a pain lasted for a few minutes, then all is cool. So, I did x-ray and went to third dentist, because I'm student and my previous dentist is from other city. Third dentist said my x-ray is good, there is nothing wrong with tooth or nerve/root. She then found a smaaaall crack/hole on side of the tooth where that white stuff meets tooth , so she put some "white gel" or whatever and said it will probably be better, but if it's not then she will put a new white filling and eventually , root canal. This last thing said all 3 of them. After her treatment I feel a much smaller pain on water and sweet again which lasts a few seconds. So, my question is, why would she say I need root canal if pain continues when there is nothing wrong on x-ray and there is nothing wrong when they are looking into my mouth? No one found any cavity. And second question is, is it true that white fillings needs sometimes few months to settle? Like, some people can feel a pain when they drink water for a few months after a deep white filling on molar. (I read it somewhere on internet, even that third dentist said she needed 6 months for her tooth to stop hurting after filling)
Very sorry for a wall of text. Oh I also would like to say I'm SUPER scared of rooting canal.

P.S. I wrote this yesterday so update is it hurts on water and fruit (not warm water) , on sweet food sometimes yes sometimes not.

I also had a small but apparently fairly deep white composite filling late December - I had a small one in there and my dentist noticed a small shadow so did a 'maintenance' refill.

I also was fine till about 2nd week of Jan and I just get a dull twinge every now and then. Not pain - just ache like twinge.

Ive read they take a while to settle. It's not getting worse so I just use a paracetamol and its goes away. Also blob a bit of sensodyne toothpaste on and that helps.

interedted to see what others think ?

Oooh I forgot. I have no problem with hot and cold. And I can chew on it. It's almost as though after I've eaten the tooth a trying to tell me 'enough already'.

I'm eating on it more often that before cause I had an onlay fitted on the other side and I'm still nervous to eat on it lol

Yeah I wanted to say "try Sensodyne rapid tooth paste" but you already know about that :)
I bought it and pain is sooo small now, it helped. It's sensitive now on water but about 4 seconds after drinking I only feel it for 1 or 2 seconds and it's so small. Now I wonder if this is only temporary solution while I'm using Sensodyne, but I guess it will settle in month or two, when I run out of tooth paste :)
Thanks for the answer!