Dog Jumped and Hit My Jaw - No Insurance But Alot of Pain.



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Jan 20, 2010
I really, need some thoughts. Everytime I think about this, I cry. I was visiting an ex bf (who happens to be a prosthodontist) and his pit bull jumped up and hit me in the face, slamming my bottom jaw into my top jaw. I saw stars and I felt my front tooth wiggle a little, but no blood. The ex bf told me not to worry, it would tighten up, blah blah. Well, pain increased and finally 6 weeks later he agreed to see if his home owners insurance would cover treatment. So I had a root canal - apparently the tooth had some fractures. Terrified! Had not seen a dentist in years due to phobia. Got through it, but 3 weeks later, still pain. The ex bf basically told me I was on my own, so I called the endodontist who did the RC and he did some filing, said my teeth had shifted and were hammering against the traumatized one. I cried and was just so awfully scared and let down. Now it is one week later and I still cannot bite down on anything...there's constant dull ache, and nothing alleviates it. I'm terrified of extraction because this is my front tooth and of course cosmetically, it would be embarrassing, but also functionally. I have no insurance to get more treatment. The ex bf clearly doesn't feel any sense of responsibility for what his dog did and I'm scared and in pain and do not know what to do.:cry:


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Oct 25, 2005
I suppose the answers are:
1) See a lawyer
2) See a different endodontist