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Don’t be ashamed of heavy build up



Jun 12, 2023
I have seen quite a few posts from people who say they are ashamed of the heavy build up on their teeth and that it keeps them from going to the dentist. I was one of you.

I am posting now to encourage you to please not let that stop you from going to the dentist and it’s not as bad as you think.

I had thick thick build up on one tooth in particular, so much so that it always felt like I had something stuck on that tooth and it felt like a ridge on the tooth if I touched it with my finger. For two years I avoided the dentist for fear of the lecture I would get about it and my other buildup. Well today I had a cleaning of that quadrant and the hygienist removed that and other build up without a word. She made no mention of that particular area until I brought it up. At my initiation we did discuss why it does build up there and how I might help prevent it but there was zero shaming or lecturing about it.

Remember, even if you are sure you have the worst build up of anyone ever (you probably don’t) it is still a temporary condition and once you get that cleaning you won’t have the build up anymore. I promise you will be so happy you did it.