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don't know what to do anymore :'(



Aug 19, 2011
Its funny how toothache can turn you from a positive person into a negative one though for those who have had serious pain in the past... Maybe this will make sense.

To say I'm scared of the dentists is an UNDERSTATEMENT! Rather than going into the details and making myself sound stupid we'll just leave it at the fact I'd rather be shot than have certain procedures done whilst being awake.

All I have ever wanted is too not have toothache anymore, though for years Ive done nothing but revolve my life around my stupid toothache.

I once chipped a wisdom tooth in half though waited 3yrs on a waiting list to be sent to hospital to be put to sleep via gas whilst the tooth was removed.

Personally for me, sedation just makes it feel like your uber drunk and cant say anything / resist actions, hence I only want gas when going to the dentists to have work done.

Since being to the hospital a few years ago and having most of my chewing teeth removed (the back ones) the pain has returned to my remaining back chewing teeth and Ive not got a huge dilemma.

For me to actually go to the dentists in the first place I have to be in some serious pain :cry:

I have been to the dentists (private and NHS) twice in the last month, and both have said there is nothing wrong with my teeth (even though Id rather be shot than have this bloody pain)

They have suggested implants, though wont give me gas.....:cry:
Or I could have them out, and just not be able to chew food :cry:

Why is it with toothache, all you ever get suggested is "we can remove them..."

I'm 28, and quite frankly it depresses me at the thought of having no teeth. At the same time a sedation scares me to death and would be rather be shot than go through what I personally think is torture.

Im now desperatly hoping someone on here may know of somewhere in the EU that would do dental work such as implants, though would put me to sleep for the procedure.

I dont mean to sound like a depressing idiot, though at the moment this is really affecting my life to a point I wonder.... whats the point :(

I would pay anything to not have toothache again, though still be able to eat food etc... (no false teeth recommendations please) though it seems that the UK laws are more happy to let you suffer rather than get you out of pain. Seems mental to me you can go to hospital for gas, though all they will do is REMOVE teeth, should you want implants etc, you can only be sedated?!

Sorry for rambling on.... Just dont know what to do anymore so thought it was worth a post.
First of all I'm not a dentist :)
So both of these dentists have said there is nothing wrong with these teeth that are causing you pain? Yet both of them are willing to extract teeth that they say are ok? That doesn't seem right.
When you say they won't give you 'gas' for the placement of implants did they say why not?
As for going somewhere in the EU for treatment - remember standards in another country are not the same as here. Safety has to be your first priority - no matter how desperate you feel about your teeth.
To be honest I think you need a third opinion. Where are you in the UK? Maybe someone here can recommend a dentist to you.
Good luck to you ;)
All I ever seem to get told is "Theres nothing wrong with your teeth but if this one hurts etc etc, all we can do is remove it"

As for gas.. apparently you cant get it anymore (unless at hospital in which case its for extraction work only) incase you dont wake up.

Thing is, id rather not wake up than have the pain but I cant find anywhere that will do the work, though put me to sleep for it.

I need more than luck, need a frikkin miracle :(
It seems to me that you need a dentist to find the cause of your toothache. They say your teeth are healthy - if they are healthy why would extraction solve the problem? I'm confused :redface:
So i guess what you mean by 'gas' is pretty much a general anaesthetic. I thought you meant nitrous gas (laughing gas) - I'm easily confused ;).
You seem to be caught somewhere between what the NHS will do and what private dentists will do - and add intense pain - :XXLhug: .
Like I said before I think you need an opinion as to the cause of the pain - then you can tackle the next bit - what to do about it.
Where are you? Between us all i'm sure we know some great dentists:)
If the dentist says there's nothing wrong, but said that extraction is the only option, I'd go see a different dentist. Extraction is the last resort, a good dentist will do everything s/he can to save the tooth before even considering extraction. I hope you can find a new dentist soon, 3 years is an awfully long time to be put on a waiting list. Good luck.
I have seen more than one dentist, they all the same.

Most of the pain comes from my remaining 2 chewing teeth (molars?) though as of a few days ago, my front one started hurting too (for no reason) which now makes the molar teeth pain seem not as important. The front one feels loose but doesnt look it if I try to wiggle it in the mirror etc. However it now rather hurts :(

The side molars I have just been told is a "sensitivity" issue :/

Either that or I have some serious mouth infection that know one has caught on to? :(

I live in Hereford, its small here.. and waiting a month for a private dentist appointment seems to be the norm. Id travel for the work to do be done, though really can only see myself having it done under GAS, not GA, which for life or money I cant find anywhere that will do that.

Ive always said the only thing worse than heartbreak is toothache, as it seems time is not a healer!

I appreciate both your responses btw... normally people just think its funny (or stupid) that im this scared of the dentists but I really dont know what to do. I cant cope with the pain for much longer and its making me have stupid thoughts :(
All private dentists are not the same. It is true that you can pretty much only get GA in UK in a hospital environment. There are different levels to which you can be i/v sedated though and so you should not dismiss this option so lightly.

Pain from the back teeth may be a 'bite issue' because of your bite being thrown off by the lack of molars or maybe you are clenching a lot and causing the pain in the ligaments under the teeth.

If the teeth are decayed at all, you can save them with a root canal (recommend endodontist to do this) for which you could be i/v sedated.

Jump on a train for better care, the best implantologists are probably in London.

Thanks for the reply.

There is no decay at all according to the dentists I have seen.

As of last week my front tooth has felt loose and is causing me terrible pain. Feels worse than the back ones as anything that goes in my mouth, food or drink, will cause instant pain (though it hurts even if I dont eat or drink)

Personally I dont want implants, but out of the choice or that or looking like an idiot and not being able to eat.....

Thing is, I honestly cant explain how scared I am of getting anything other than gas. I want to be asleep during the operation, not awake... Ive got enough worries let alone a torture treatment :(
Hi there,
If you're willing to travel, or even if you just want some advice i can highly recommend Nothing But The Tooth in Sutton Coldfield. The ladies name is Celia and she is brilliant.

I hadn't been to dentist for 32 years, i went to this practice couple weeks ago for new patient exam and last week for 3 fillings,she guarantees no pain,i couldn't see how this was possible but i never felt a thing and that is the truth.

It's only a small practice with 3 or 4 staff and they're all lovely.They will even let you make a free appointment just to meet everybody if you like.
If you don't feel confident enough to phone at first as i didn't you can email and she will reply with excellent advice as she did for me.
She doesn't do implants so won't say you need them if you don't.
Obviously she would want to see you to examine your teeth(painless) but it has to be worth a try sending an email ?
Let me know how you get on,
Good Luck, D.
ps forgot to say she specialises in nervous patients
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Did you mean to put She does do implants?

If I cant be put to sleep for the procedure, and I mean asleep zzzzz (not some sedation that keeps you awake, but drunk like) I cant see myself getting it done :(

I know its stupid. The amount of times I have told myself "One day, and its out the way... no more toothache..." is mental, and I understand its logical to do it, however once Im actually at a dentists, I become worse than a kid :(

Lost is not the word for how I feel.... Life has become.... well its not a life worth living. Cant sleep, though when I do I wont get out of bed because of the pain. My business is getting affected etc etc... Seems like a never ending nightmare.


P.S. I really do appreciate all replies. I know it may not seem like it, but I really do as I cant speak to most people about this.
Hi again,
No she doesn't do implants, but what i'm saying is if she said to you that was the only option then you'd know in your own mind she was being honest because there would be no financial benefit to her.
I walked in there Thursday for 3 fillings absolutely petrified, i came out grinning like a cheshire cat, and i'll say again i never felt a thing.
But i think the first step for you if you feel up to it is to make contact, maybe by email and then take it from there.
There are lots of dentists and its up to you which one, if any, you chose to contact, if something isn't 100% with me thats it, i wouldn't go back. But everything was 110% and i am going back, i can't fault her or the staff in anyway.

You don't have to do anything you don't want to but the fact you're here means you want to do something,remember nobody is forcing you, you're doing it because you want it sorted.
Good Luck,
Keep us posted.
General anaesthetic = GA = being completely asleep like with the gas you used to get. Look up "implants under general anaesthetic" in google - i found at least 2 straightaway But you will pay quite a bit for it.
General anaesthetic = GA = being completely asleep like with the gas you used to get.

Is that via a needle though? At least its one step closer if im knocked out for it, though even the needle would freak me out. (last time I had gas at hospital a couple of years ago, when I woke up there was a needle in my arm which freaked me out... pulling it out didnt help either. Think it was because I was confused to where I was etc etc) Cant believe it costs from £1500 per tooth.. esp as its quite a few teeth that cause me pain.

So is a gas a no no UK-wide? GA would be the nearest thing?

P.S. I dont think they were suggesting it for a financial benefit. I was the one that asked about implants to them as I dont want false teeth, and if I have the back molars out, I wont be able to chew food :(
So is a gas a no no UK-wide? GA would be the nearest thing?

P.S. I dont think they were suggesting it for a financial benefit. I was the one that asked about implants to them as I dont want false teeth, and if I have the back molars out, I wont be able to chew food :(

You seem to be confused and very needle phobic. GA means you are totally unconscious and unaware during the procedure and can pretty much only be done in a hospital in the UK or specialist facility with intensive care type resuscitation facilities.
Why? Because back in the day when the Jo Bloggs the dentist round the corner used to routinely put kids under gas GA briefly to pull teeth rather than fill them (they never did fillings under GA just extractions), every now and then one would die unnecessarily and it was pretty clear they wouldn't have died had the procedure been in a hospital with better trained anaesthetists.

Couple that with the fact that it is dangerous and technically difficult to do restorative dentistry (fillings root canals etc) under GA...this is why they just do jaw surgery and extractions usually.

Your way round this is to be i/v sedated competently so that the experience feels to you like GA even though it wasn't rather than you just feeling a bit drunk (that is the effect you would maybe get with nitrous oxide gas sedation known as conscious sedation hence maybe the confusion??).

But before you can contemplate even i/v sedation you need to know what can be done to relieve your symptoms/situation so you need to find a kind competent dentist to discuss your options.
The right dentist might also be able to help you get over your needle phobia using a variety of methods such that so long as they are your dentist, you can accept treatment while awake in future - you may still want to be i/v sedated for serious stuff though and this is possible in UK private sector....NHS referrals tend to be for extractions only.

So in short you still need to find a sympathetic dentist as your next step, no point discussing with an unsympathetic one since they will put you in the 'too hard' box and be dismissive of your wants and needs.
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If i were you i think i'd try and find out what is causing the toothache,it would be such a shame to have them removed if they're healthy.
Did either of the dentists you've seen know the cause ?
They have both said I have "sensitive teeth" :( What a joke....

" Your way round this is to be i/v sedated competently so that the experience feels to you like GA even though it wasn't rather than you just feeling a bit drunk (that is the effect you would maybe get with nitrous oxide gas sedation known as conscious sedation hence maybe the confusion??)."

No, thats the affect I got with a sedation! Hence I keep going on about being knocked out.

And yes, I dont want my teeth out... But I cant live with this pain. Sensitivity my ***
Managed to get an emergency appointment for 13:45 today... Am scared to go back :( though will report what they say about my new found pain.
Brilliant, well done for making the appointment,is it the dentist you've seen before ?
Its one of the private practises ive been to before. (I live in a very small town with not many options)

Thing is, Im actually scared... how stupid is that. Im not even there yet :cry:

Feels very stupid to admit im scared of the dentists I can tell you :(
Not stupid at all,i think everybody who looks at this site is frightened.You've had the courage to make the appointment though which is great,what is the plan for today,are they going to do any work ?