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Dont like how the crown look, is it common to request the looks and position?



Junior member
Dec 17, 2011
My two front crown tooth look alot bigger than my original and it is like sticking out too much. I would say the temporary crown look so much like my original tooth positioning/apearence than the permanent crown.

Is it common for a patient to request the position and the look of the crown? This is minor issue but everytime I look at the mirror I feel awkard like a cartoon character with big jack rabit tooth sticking out. I'm not shy about it and I dont care what people or women think of my tooth haha but I'm just curious if it is common for a patient to request for the crown to look better? do they charge money to choose crown and positioning?

Another question, If a crown comes out.... do we pay fee for the dentist to re-crown? the same dentist that puts on the crown. Do they charge money or free?
A crown should look like it belongs in your mouth. It might not be exact but should be close. The number one reason a crown is overbulked or too big is lack of adequate reduction.