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Double billing errors by dentist. What is the best way to resolve?



Mar 1, 2007
Technically I have a very good dentist. Not judgemental. She does amazing work BUT I got double billed. I had 4 fillings and 1 crown done and thy double charged me on everything, oral evaluation, xrays, crown, buildup, fillings..etc. Bill was only $1000ish but insurance paid all but $460. I was like billed $2400 with the double billing and when I called the insurance they confirmed it as well.

Now when I called the dental office on it it was darn near impossible to get anyone to talk to me. When I got someone to talk to me she was pissy and rude and blamed the insurance company ( yet the insurance did not even have the claim yet at that point) instead of taking ownership of the mistake. It had nothing to do with the insurance company for the bill was from dentist not the insurance. They just told me all was all right on their end.

If it turns out not to be true how should i handle it? The dentist office obviously does not want to take responsibility for their billing error or to return my calls. Do you think i should complain to the better Business Bureau if the issue comes up unresolved?
speak to the dentist directly. Most dentists don't want billing errors. It might well be afront desk problem. They can send an amended insurance if need be.