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Douglas Miller, North Finchley, London



Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
Douglas Miller

Telephone 0208 446 3931

This dentist has received numerous good reviews from phobic patients. If you would like to leave a review, you can do so in this thread!
excellent dentist for fearful patients in North London

“I need a dentist I can trust!” I announced tearfully as I arrived at the surgery. A painful experience had tipped my longstanding fear of dentists into a phobia. I had left my old dentist and plucked up courage to find another one. This guy talked over me when I tried to explain my fear so I walked away from him too.

After much internet trawling I came across Douglas Miller, a private dentist in 2 Avenue Road, Finchley, North London. With shaky hands, I called the surgery and was put straight through to Mr Miller. He listened to my fears and talked them through with me, giving me an appointment for the following day. Feeling very apprehensive, I told myself I could just talk to him; I wouldn't have to have any work done.

The first appointment consisted of talking some more. I relaxed enough to allow Mr Miller to examine my mouth. He recommended some treatment, which included a deep filling. This made me panic again as I had had such a bad experience in the past when the anaesthetic didn't work. We discussed the options for sedation. Initially I opted for oral sedation, knowing that IV was available if at any point I felt I could not cope. After one treatment I cut that down to one tablet the night beforehand.

The staff are welcoming and sensitive to the nervous patient. The surgery and waiting room are the least clinical I have ever encountered - family photographs, coloured glass lampshades and comfortable chairs (no hard plastic!) contribute to the warm atmosphere.

Douglas Miller explains the treatment as he goes along. We agree on a signal to stop if at any time it gets too uncomfortable – which it doesn’t. He also uses a rubber damn when he can because it helps me to feel detached from the work taking place. I now feel that treatment is a joint exercise rather than something inflicted on me. This relieves a lot of the trauma.

I used to hate it when my dentist and the nurse laughed and chatted across me as though I was not there. This is never the case in Douglas Miller's surgery. He works with calm and concentrated attention, only speaking when it is necessary to ask the nurse for something connected to the work. Classical background music helps to relax me.

Dental phobia no longer overshadows my life. I can barely believe I am writing this when only six weeks ago I was in a state of utter panic. I wholeheartedly recommend Douglas Miller to anyone who has a fear of the dentist.
I found my current dentist, Douglas Miller, through a recommendation on this site, and having now been for several visits I thought I'd leave a recommendation of my own!!

I have always been very anxious about visiting the dentist, and have been only a couple of times since I was a child- I tend to only go when it's really an emergency and I feel I can no longer put it off! I'd been to see a dentist close to where I live (N15) a couple of years ago because I had developed a split in my gum but the experience wasn't a very positive one, so I never went back and let a couple more years go by without doing anything about the problem.

A couple of months ago my gum started to become really inflamed and painful, and so I decided it was probably time to pluck up the courage to do something about it. I started looking into dentists who specialise in dealing with nervous patients and came across the following recommendation for Dr Douglas Miller in this forum. Like carolinew I decided to approach the process in stages, first with an email to the practice explaining that I'm anxious about dental treatment and asking what I might expect to happen in a first visit if I were to book an appointment (a large part of my fear is about not knowing what the dentist is about to do!) I received a very nice email from the practice manager Sharon, which explained in detail exactly what the dentist would want to do in the first appointment and was reassured that the first appointment was just a check-up to discuss any treatment I might need. I also received an email from Dr Miller himself, reassuring me that he would do everything he could to make me feel comfortable in my first visit. Encouraged by this, I took the plunge and made an appointment.

My first appointment with Dr Miller was overwhelmingly positive. The first thing he did was talk to me about my fears and discuss how we might work together to make the experience of visiting the dentist less scary for me. We established that I like to know what's happening/about to happen, and so as he was examining my mouth he explained to me exactly what he was doing and kept checking that I was doing ok throughout the examination. We then discussed treatment options and the various types of sedation available to me should I feel I needed it.

When I went back for my treatment I was still very anxious but Dr Miller was very encouraging, explaining to me what would happen and telling me that if at any point I felt I needed him to stop I could raise my hand and he'd stop straight away. He was very comforting and encouraging throughout the treatment, regularly asking me if I was ok and letting me know I was doing well.

I have since been back for a check-up and am due another check-up in a couple of weeks, and I can honestly say that I feel none of the usual dread I would normally feel going back to the dentist. For me I think the most important factor in successful and stress-free treatment is just knowing that my dentist is aware of the anxiety I feel and is committed to helping me feel more comfortable. Knowing that I won't be rushed, made to feel silly or judged has made a huge difference to my experience of visiting the dentist. I would thoroughly recommend Dr Miller to anyone struggling with a fear of going to the dentist!