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Dr Haywood, Pontcanna, Cardiff



Junior member
Apr 15, 2016
Hi all

Myself and one of my friends went to see Dr Haywood as we both have a fear of the dentist! My friend is more severe than mine as she's previously had a lot of work done at the hospital which went wrong, and every dentist she's been to since has refused to do anymore work on her.

We found that even just the level of expertise between the two dentist working at this practice was enough to ensure us that we're in safe hands and persuade us to bite the bullet and finally go and see a dentist. We had many recommendation from friends too.

Guys Dental Clinic
100 Cathedral Road

It's a private practice & there's a consultation fee but its worth going along just to see if after the consultation, it's somewhere you might feel comfortable getting work done.

Hope that helps!

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