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Dreaded Root Canal...Finished!!!



Junior member
Aug 9, 2006
Hi all,
Well, I had my first "procedure" appointment today, and it went very well. I had to have a root canal on one of my lower back teeth, and boy was I worked up. Even though I have had root canals before (about 7 years ago), I was still very nervous about this one. I asked in advance if I could wear my Ipod, and they said Absolutely! So with the tunes cranked up, I tried to settle my heartbeat while I waited for my dentist to come in. My heart was pouning so hard, that I was actually shaking the light above the chair.  :o My dentist came in, talked to me a little bit, and then put a large cotton swab with numbing gel on it, between my gum and cheek. He left it in their for a good minute (all my past dentists simply rubbed the swab back and forth a few times before injecting me). Next came the needle. I knew it was coming, so I simply closed my eyes, turned up the music, and took a deep breath. I DIDN'T FEEL A THING!!! He was very gentle, and took his time. Amazing the difference that makes. Anyway, the rest of the procedure was practically painless. Only a few tiny twinges here and there, and just the overall discomfort of having to lay with your mouth wide open for over an hour. When it was all over, the dental assistant said I was an awesome patient. When I explained that I am actually a phobic, she was shocked. I guess I just internalize my fear. I told her that I had to email the dentist before I could even make an appointment, I was that scared. She gasped in surprise and said that she remembered the dentist telling her about me, but would have never guessed that I was that person. I am unashamedly proud of myself. I am so happy and relieved to have found my "good guy"...FINALLY!!! I have another appointment next week to continue with the high priority parts of my treatment plan. This time it will just be fillings, no more root canals!  :jump: Thanks to everyone here whose stories, experiences, and words of support, helped me take these first steps toward dental health. We shall overcome!!! Hugs to you all!!!
:jump:Well done you have coped really well I have thankfully never had a root cannal only a filling - I was nervous enough about that! I'm glad to hear you found it helpful listening to your Ipod i always take a cd walkman with me if I need any drilling done, I find it downs out the noise and helps me relax. Hope all goes well with your fillings , let us know how you get on.
Well done you :jump: :jump: :jump:!!!

And thanks a million for sharing your experiences - it will really help others who have questions about root canal treatment :).
Well done on having your Root Canal. You deserve to be be proud of yourself. :hug2:
Take care
wow... I find this really inspirational! Congratulations on having the strength to get through that with such poise!!
Well Done!!! :respect:

I'm afraid I chose extraction instead....was too much of a wimp to go for a RCT! :scared:

But one day, perhaps .......(hopefully I won't need one, but knowing my luck.....) :rolleyes:
Update: My second procedural appt. was today. I had 3 teeth on my upper left side redone. They had old fillings in them, and they needed to be replaced. I received about 5 shots of novocain total- 1 for each tooth, and then 2 in the roof of my mouth. I know it sounds awful, but it wasn't bad at all. My dentist is very gentle and takes his time. I complimented him on his shot-giving technique, and told him that he was the first dentist I'd ever had who didn't make me almost come out of the chair when giving shots. Anyway, the procedure was virtually painless, let me rephrase that--completely painless. Of course I still hate the drilling noise, but I turn my music up as loud as possible, and that helps. I am still very numb, and my jaw muscles are starting to feel sore. But, the hygienist gave me a couple of shrink-wrapped towelettes that are soaked in aromatherapy oils. You just toss them in the microwave for a few seconds, and you have scented, moist heat to help with the jaw pain...very spa-like!!! I have a 3rd appt. next Thursday, so it will be nice to have a week plus break. I also received my treatment plan, and the total cost for all necessary procedures is......drumroll...... $5,000 (USD). At first I was shocked, but when I consider that nearly every tooth in my head has to have something done (about 28 teeth), that's not so bad. I'll get a bank loan if I have to, I can't stop now. If I do, my phobia will most definitely sneak back in and hold me hostage. I DO NOT want to go through that again, so I am pressing on. Sorry to be so long winded. See ya round the forum!!!
:jump:Well done getting your fillings done, having your Ipod to listen to semms to help you a lot I do the same and always take a cd walkman with me to listen to if I need any drilling done.