Dreading my wisdom teeth removal


Jane Dorothy

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Jun 14, 2019
Hi, I am new here and I hope to find some confident in here. Basically, I have 2 impacted wisdom tooth that requires surgery and when I heard of the word 'SURGERY', my mind went blank. I wanted to go for GA for this surgery but I read online that it has it's risk and I would pretty much like to avoid it as much as possible as I can't imagine how I am not going to wake up and having lots of imagination.I also am not a candidate of GA as I have contant flu problems and I know you can't proceed if you have cold or flu.I read many success story of wisdom tooth extraction here and I felt more at ease. People have been telling me to just go for LA but I am super tensed up by just the thought of it. People asked me to listen to music but I know I might just can't do it at all. It's been one week that I've been vomiting acid and went to toilet multiple times and having a great panic attack and had no appetite to eat or take part in any activity like I used to do. I want to be myself back again. I read about twilight sedation, I wonder how it is like. Most people said that it is considered as a conscious sedation and if your'e lucky enough you might even fall asleep. But how is it possible to fall asleep when you open your mouth, I tried opening my mouth on the bed but I can't go to sleep at all because my muscle is working and it sends a signal to my brain. I am also understandable that conscious sedation also meant you can feel all the work done in your mouth and I am afraid of that as well, I don;t know what else I can do? What type of sedation best suits me based on your experience, please help me..


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Sep 18, 2017
Hi Jane,

we have an article about iv sedation here, you can find a lot of answers there. To put it shortly, you are conscious during sedation and can respond etc., but the drugs cause memory loss so that you will feel like you have been asleep. In UK midazolam is what is used, however not sure about how it works in your country.

All the best wishes