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Dreading removal of bridge and temporary dentures...



Jan 16, 2019
Despite having had quite a lot of work done on my teeth and every single time being extremely anxious (have had dental phobia since a child) I have to have my Maryland bridges removed tomorrow. I have a bridges at UL4 (I think!) and UR4. This will be removed and temporary dentures put in. The dentist said the appointment is for an hour (which to me is ages!). The bridges are being removed because they have put pressure on neighbouring natural teeth, causing them to be extremely loose. This was the only option, the real concern being that I could lose my natural teeth.
I wonder if the dentist will struggle to remove the bridges, to not affect the natural loose teeth. Maybe use a drill? I don't know how he will do this and how long that will take. And then the temporary dentures (not sure if this will be two teeth on one plate to fit across the top?) But I am so worried about it as I hate anything bulky in my mouth and I don't know if I will get used to a plate (I couldn't before when I had a denture with just one tooth, but that was years ago). He did say there was a more expensive option (reckon that must be the flexible denture) but he hasn't opted for that one. Even though all of this (removal and dentures) will be costing me a lot of money. The hope is that my natural teeth will firm up without the pressure of the bridges. I did go to see the original dentist who fitted the bridges originally seven years ago, I saw him about 10 months ago and he filed them down and said all was fine, just a little loose! This dentist I am seeing tomorrow has fantastic reviews and is very good with anxious patients but I have no idea how to get through this tomorrow. I am dreading the appointment and the aftermath as well


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Oct 25, 2005
Removing the bridges is usually pretty easy, they're made from fairly soft metal so they can be drilled off relatively easily, it's a bit fiddly, because you have to take care not to damage the tooth underneath with the drill, but not particularly unpleasant or painful for the patient.