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dropping in to say hi and show a picture of my little guy :)



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Mar 27, 2014
hi everyone! I hope you're all doing well. I had my baby almost 3 weeks ago. My c section went pretty well given how nervous I was

He is beautiful!!!! Congratulations!!!!
He is PRECIOUS!!! And that HAIR!!! So happy to hear he's here healthy and well and you got though it all - though it is FAR from easy as any mom would agree :) but the hardest job you'll ever LOVE... Remember to sleep when they sleep (if the baby and your daughter miraculously nap at the same time) and be patient with yourself - the first three months are the hardest!

Wishing you so much joy and happiness!! Thanks for sharing :)
Hi Zombiegroupie.

he looks fabulous :)

Glad everything is OK at your end.
Congratulations!!! He's adorable!!!
thank you guys :)