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Dropping, unresponsive side of lip after numbing



Oct 16, 2006
So I had some work done this morning and was numbed up about 9AM probably (it is almost 3PM here). The numbness has worn off, but the right side of my face is still droppy and isn't responding to muscles that should be pulling it.

The whole top was numbed, and the other side is fine.

I'm frightened this is nerve damage or something. Anyone have an experience like this that can calm my nerves?

Re: Dropping, unresponsive side of lip after numbi

When I had my crowns fitted I was numb for some time after, not totally but I remember my nose feeling like it had something shoved up it for a few hours after the procedure! I think it will be fine but if your still having problems now I would give the dentist a call, just to put your mind at ease!
Re: Dropping, unresponsive side of lip after numbi


at this stage, it would be very common to still experience numbness and droppiness. Give it a bit more time. It's highly unlikely that this is nerve damage - much more likely the anesthetic hasn't worn off completely yet. Some anesthetics last much longer than others, or your dentist may have used more anesthetic on that side.

Let us know if the numbness persists!
Re: Dropping, unresponsive side of lip after numbi

Lip is back to normal. One good thing. :jump: