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Dry socket fear



Junior member
May 5, 2017
Went for my 6 month check up today shaking with fear as usual.X ray showed some infection under an old broken root filled tooth.Dentist said it could cause trouble tomorrow or in 5 years but she recommended extraction.I am scared of procedure (bottom large molar)but terrified of the pain of dry socket my sister was in bed 3 days with the pain .I’m tempted to leave it as tooth been broken years never painful. How common is this dry socket?
i had to get my wisdoms extracted due to being impacted, just use a syringe with warm salt water after every meal and you should be golden. if i remember correctly, dont swish as that could dislodge the clot
If I recall correctly the overall chance of it happening is around 2% of all extractions.
The biggest risk factor is smoking, followed by previous dry socket.
Then going down in importance: Difficult extraction, lower molar extraction and sex (women slightly more prone than men).
Thank you Gordon could I pick your brain a bit more?What pain killers do you recommend post extraction?Was going for nuramol but then read that nurofen can inhibit clotting. Have you heard this ?
Good old aspirin is one of the most effective painkillers around. Assuming your stomach can handle it. Then ibuprofen, paracetamol or whatever. Clotting inhibition isn't a big deal for immediate post-op. We happily extract teeth from patients on anticoagulants...