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Dry socket??? In pain, waking me in the night. Help!



Junior member
Sep 15, 2013
I had my lower left wisdom tooth and adjacent molar removed last Saturday.
Yesterday on Friday just when I thought the pain was becoming more manageable the pain got worse. It's not horrific like an abscess but it's still painful. I noticed a very strangely positioned hole in my gum (almost felt like a pouch in my cheek) I'm going to assume that this is from the impacted tooth. And ear ache has come on worse than I've experienced in years.
I've also had a disgusting taste coming from that side of the mouth pretty much since the extraction.
What is the likelihood that is is dry socket? And I still physically can't open my jaw very wide. what can I do?

I dared to have a feel with my tongue this morning and the pain is in my cheek where the "pouch" is and not where the teeth wear, I find this a little concerns. I've moved back onto my prescribed pain killers because it's a constant pain.
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Super Moderator
Jan 5, 2012
It could be a bit of infection. Go back and see the dentist as soon as you can and let them have a look. :butterfly: