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Dry socket - Oral antibiotics?



Junior member
Feb 9, 2022
Hi All,

I had my lower left 1st molar removed under IV sedation on Thursday 10th March.

After initially being not very painful on the Monday evening I noticed an increased throbbing pain starting. I was suspecting dry socket, went back to the dentist on the Wednesday and he said there was probably a slight dry socket but as I wasn’t in severe pain he didn’t do anything with it. He said the stitches looked good and didn’t want to disturb it.

He prescribed me 5 days of 200mg metronidazole 3x a day. I then specifically asked him if there was any sign of infection and he said no. He also said to up my salt rinses to 7 times a day.

I have medication anxiety, especially antibiotics and as there was no signs of infection I haven’t started taking them yet.

It is now Sunday and the throbbing pain and slight bad taste comes and goes. It seems to have come back a bit more today after subsiding yesterday.

Does it just need more time to heal and cover the bone/nerve?

Should I really be taking the antibiotics? There’s no swelling or pus and I don’t have a temperature. It’s just this throbbing pain and slight bad taste.

Very appreciative of any help.



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On balance I probably would leave it a few days if it's improving. If it starts getting worse then you can take the metronidazole.