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Dull ache and horrible smell around extraction site months later



Aug 6, 2016
Early May I had 4 teeth extracted. 2 upper wisdoms and 2 upper molars.

All went well. But, today the sockets still haven't healed 100%. The top left socket is almost healed but it's giving me a dull pain. I thought it was the tooth next to it causing the problem but it appears to look and feel ok.

I've also noticed a horrible smell. If I put my finger on the extraction site my finger will smell horrid. Like an infection smell. I can also taste it sometimes. But, there appears to be no visible infection. No swelling. No pain except the dull ache. On a pain scale it's about a 2 or 3.

I've had infections in the past. This doesn't feel like one. But I know it likely is.

I'll head down to the dentist once the weekend is over but for now I just have to suffer it.

Is it possible that the extraction site could have developed an infection? And how would it cause a dull pain if there's no root?


Super Moderator
Jun 24, 2012
It's too hard to say without a dentist there to appraise a possible infection. However, as extractions heal over, they leave a little crater in the gums for a long time before the gums fill it out (for some teeth, like my front teeth, the divots have yet to fully go away and it's been 3 years or so). Sometimes tiny bits of food can get trapped and cause a nasty taste or smell. Dental pain can be cause by any number of things, including stress and anxiety!

Definitely see your dentist, but don't panic. And if they say there is no infection, don't worry. Just put extra focus on cleaning out the area, gently with a soft brush (soft brushes are best for gums) and with mouthwash.