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dull ache started in gum,moving around left side of face



Oct 26, 2016
hey im new here! about a month ago i started having a small dull ache along the gumline of the molar after the one next to wisdom teeth on the left side (not sure what number it is) and its really scaring me. a few yrs ago i had an abscess on the same tooth on the right side,but that tooth had a huge chunk broken off for a while,this tooth is not broken,nor do i have swollen gums on that side. i do have perio disease,and got a deep cleaning on that side,didnt make it and better or worse. ive been to 3 dentists for xrays and all said theres no root infection,its not even sore to the touch,or hot/cold food and drink,had various bite/pressure tests but still nohing. theres just a constant feeling/dull ache that sometimes feels like its in my gum,then moves to my cheek bone right under my eye,and then sometimes right in the corner of my cheek,feels like theres something stuck way up in my cheek sometimes,i find myself kind of moving my cheek like i have a little piece of somethin up there,ive had a sinux xray also just to rule that out and found nothing. the ONLY explanation ive gotten from professionals is a possible combination of grinding and anxiety. has anybody ever expirienced or heard of anything like this?? PLEASE HELP!!!!!


Oct 23, 2016
I have the exact same problem too. Dental examinations and xrays have shown nothing wrong with my teeth. I sometimes will have a slight pain in my left ear too.

I do believe it has to do with nerve damage, since the nerves of our teeth/gum are connected to other parts such as our ear, jaw etc


Verified dentist
Sep 3, 2016
United States
When reading your description, the two things that jump into my head are that it is either sinus related or grinding related. An x-ray of your sinuses by itself can't really rule it out. If it is sinus related, it will usually respond to decongestants (pseudoephedrine is the best one), exposure to warm moist air, or using a neti pot. Oftentimes this will go away on it's own as well. To rule out grinding, you might want to try wearing an over the counter nightguard to relieve some of the pressure on those teeth.