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Dull pain, erosion what would you do in complex case



Mar 4, 2020
I’ve posted for dentists but happy if it is moved as may be in wrong, but needing knowledge!

I’ve had an issue with getting a filling in the past, the procedure is completely fine (which is probably more unusual as thats nornally peoples issue) but afterwards I really struggled with the sensory aspect and feeling that it changed too much. It was unwelcome let’s say that! I kept goibg back to get it filed down, and then it set off TMJ but that could’ve been down to stress. I’ve had issues with my two big chewing teeth left and right side - sensitivity and generally dentists comment on my erosion damage from my acid reflux, the erosion has definitely damaged enamel. I’ve had x rays done and there was no cavities so i’m confused to why the dentist done a filling all that time ago? But thats OT.

Lately after seeing special care because of the complex stuff. They gave me this magic stuff (seal and protect) which has helped sensitivity and I’m still using usual fluoride toothpaste but I do worry that I feel there is these two holes and recently when biting down on the two big teeth both sides, I am getting a dull pain which makes eating awful. Do I need more seal and protect as it’s worn off or is there some other thing that could fill the teeth up but not change the height or feel too much different and be more precise at where it stops than filling :( How would you tackle if you were dentist? Keep applying seal every so often or?
S&P wears out, get some more put on.
@Gordon Do love S&P wish it would last! Will s&p help the bite pain or is it more just to prevent cavities? I’m hoping it will stop this pain inside the tooth as its horrible! :(
It seals the tooth up, the pain is mostly coming from exposed dentine tubules, the S&P seals those up for a while.