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Duraphat 5000 extra fluoride toothpaste. Good??



taking a break from the forum
Aug 13, 2010
Sheffield and Stockport, UK.
Ok, I can't even believe I'm thinking of getting this, as I know I will be instantly sick even opening the tube.....But I heard this was very high in fluoride: Colgate Duraphat Toothpaste 5000?
Is it any good??

I was thinking of just applying it to one wisdom tooth that is showing very early decay to try and get it to remineralise, as well as asking my dentist for a fluoride treatment.
As my teeth have never seen fluoride, would this be too much?
I know it's prescription only, but you can get it on ebay for £14 a tube.....:o :o :o

I really wish I could use toothpaste all the time, but I just can't. Just the thought of it near my mouth makes me heave...:o

But I thought applying this to one tooth for 6 months to try and reverse very early decay might be a good idea????

Then if it's not remineralised in 6 months, I'd go for the filling.
As the tooth hasn't changed to look at in 5 years, I'm hoping I can remineralise it myself....?? Worth a bash! ;)

It's great to have all this extra knowledge from reading this forum! :)
Makes me realise how much my dentist has neglected me!
When I first saw signs of very early decay in a wisdom tooth 5 years ago, why didn't my dentist tell me about remineralisation, discuss my diet, and offer me a fluoride treatment????
All he did was say nothing was wrong with the tooth, and left it to develop into a tiny cavity.
Well, I'm going to try and reverse this tiny speck of decay before he gets handy with a drill!!

In 2 weeks reading this great forum, even I know what to do to encourage remineralisation, yet my dentist basically said such a thing didn't exist, and left a suspect tooth to develp for 5 years into a cavity...........:(
It's pretty good stuff, we use it a lot for learning disabled patients. Can't you ask your GP for a prescription for it? Cheaper than 14 quid off eBay...
Thanks Gordon. I don't have a GP. Don't know if my new dentist could issue a prescription. None of my other dentists have ever mentioned this stuff. But then as I've never even been offered a fluoride treatment, no surprise there.
£14 isn't that much when this will last for ages. I only need it for one tooth. There's no way I could put it on all teeth. I'll probably throw up putting it on one.......