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Duraphat toothpaste and water flosser



May 24, 2020
I’ve been using prescribed high fluoride toothpaste but what I forgot to ask my dentist is can I eat straight after brushing my teeth? Or should I be waiting at least 30 minutes?

My dentist recommended that I should buy a water flossing and I’ve been using it before I brush my teeth at night. Is it okay to use on a soft setting after I eat to help rinse off excess food/sugar? Or would that do more harm to my gums and teeth?

sorry for all the questions. I’m just trying to put my mind at rest knowing that my dental hygiene routine is correct
Wait 30 minutes is the usual advice. It's always best to brush last thing at night anyway, so the fluoride has the chance to work undisturbed while you sleep.
Morning time I usually have breakfast then brush after 30 mins.

The water floss thing won't do any damage, use it whenever you want. Just not after brushing because you'll wash off all the Fluoride :)