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Earls Colne, Essex



Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
I came across this promising-looking website (best suited to those who are not specifically looking for sedation):


From the website:

"Our dentist, Louise McAllister, has extensive experience of treating nervous patients and does not believe that drugs or sedation provide the best solution. If you are nervous or worried about any aspect of your dental care, please let us know as we will do all we can to make your experience a positive one.

At your first appointment, Louise will talk to you to find out why you feel nervous and to understand your concerns. She will discuss all aspects of your treatment and explain what she is doing as she goes along. Where possible, she will start with simple treatments and short appointments to gradually build up your confidence and trust.

Nervous patients are welcome to listen to music or watch the television or a DVD while they are having their treatment, as there is a dedicated television with wireless headphones in each of our three dental surgeries.

Louise is a gentle dentist. She says, “It is one of the most satisfying aspects of dentistry to me when a once trembling and tearful patient can come into my surgery smiling, laughing and confident”. Louise also treats a lot of young children and enjoys building up their confidence so that a visit to the dentist can be seen as a fun outing and not something to be dreaded by the children and their parents alike."

The address:

The Essex Dental Clinic
The Business Centre
Earls Colne Business Park
Earls Colne
Tel: 01787 222828