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Effects of Valium vs. Ativan for dental anxiety?



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Aug 13, 2014
Are the effects of Valium and those of Ativan similar to one another since they are in the same class of drugs? I read that Valium has a much longer half-life than Ativan, which I assume means it takes longer to clear your system and therefore longer for the effects to wear off. Is it also more likely to cause side effects such as feeling loopy? Is one preferable to the other for use in dental-phobic patients?

My dentist will not prescribe Ativan for my wisdom tooth appointment even though I've explained that I've taken it on a couple of occasions before and know how it affects me. I've been prescribed the lowest dose (.5mg) for one-time/short-term use and that dose is more than enough to relax me and curb my anxiety, but not make me feel groggy or loopy. My dentist will only prescribe Valium, which I've never had before, and at a higher dose than the equivalent dose to .5mg Ativan. I'd much prefer to take something I am familiar with and know works for me, but my dentist is not being receptive to that. I'm not sure what to do.
You might just need to have your dentist explain why he recommends Valium for your case. If you prefer, ask for a referral to someone that offers more sedation options.
Dentsit is only comfortable with valium will be the answer most likely