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ehlers danlos hypermobile type



Junior member
Nov 15, 2006
Hi I am new here and would be most interested for information related to effective anasthesia for the ehlers danlos hypermobility (formerly type III) patient who are often found to be 'immune' to the effect of local anasthesia at the dentist, we are commonly labelled as hysterics, this is not the case. Professor R Grahame UCHL/Dr Hakim at UCHL are two of the professionals who specialise in the condition. As this is a rare inheritable condition of the connective tissue it is a rare and disabling condition. We are prone to dislocations due to our lax collagen fibres and it is not known why local anasthesia is problematical. Any information related to effective treatment and treament options would be warmly welcomed.

sincerely and grateful for any reply - ehlers.


Well-known member
Verified dentist
Jan 3, 2006
Hello! Sorry I have to admit my ignorance here - although I am well aware of the condition I had no idea of the implications re local anaesthesia. There are many effective means of LA available however, and it may be that an intra osseous approach would best suit this condition (the local is delivered directly to the area surrounding the apex of the roots and hence the anaesthesia achieved is more profound)

Not all dentists provide this technique. Worth enquiring about.

Good luck.


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