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Electric shock after filling??



Junior member
Jan 18, 2017
hi everyone,
today, i had to have a filling on the upper left replaced because there was a tiny bit of decay underneath. the dentist mentioned that it was quite close to the nerve so may experience pain or issues with the tooth meaning it needs root canal. after the anaesthetic has worn off, there is no pain or sensitivity, but im feeling what feels like mini electric shocks that disappear after a second. after they occur, if i put my tongue into the tooth which had the filling, it causes more electric shocks. however in the periods between electric shocks, if it put my tongue into the tooth, nothing happens. does anyone have any experience with this?? im worried that im going to need root canal.

Thank you!!
The nerve in the tooth is most likely a bit irritated after the deep filling. As long as it isn't hurting all the time, waking you up at night, or super sensitive you probably don't need a root canal. Give it a week or two to settle down and if it is feeling good at that point then you're in the clear for a while.