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Electric shock feeling with nerve block



Junior member
Jul 26, 2019
When i got my wisdom teeth out only the right lower side got a nerve block and the sting was pretty intense. i never feared the dentist/oral surgeon up until that moment! I eventually need to get a tooth pulled(#19) it is half broken, and was wondering if that will happen again during the extraction or if i can ask the oral surgeon for just local?! All of my other wisdom teeth didnt need it by the way unless i managed not to feel it just the lower right one.
It happens when the dentist gets too close to the nerve with the injection, it's impossible to see in advance where the nerve is so it can happen from time to time, going by my "hit rate" it's probably about one time in a couple of hundred, so not that common.
It's very unlikely to happen to you again, so if it were me, then I would take the risk in order to get the best anaesthesia.