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Electric toothbrush



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Aug 23, 2017
Hi all, my 14 year old daughters dentist recommended we invest in an electric toothbrush, but forgot to tell us which one is best and I forgot to ask ? ...can anyone , especially any dentists, help us to decide which one to buy? Thank you xxx:grin:
Not a dentist but I have a oral b braun one, would recommend if you looking for replacement brushes check online.

My dentist recommended at the time (when I was about 9 or 10) to get an electric/battery tootbrush, this was my childhood first dentist I had, all the rest would have recommend me to get one as well. My dentist dont like me using the other battery toothbrush I have, I tend to use this one on holidays, the electric one I charge is much better.

The holiday one is Boots owned where you just put batteries in, brush head is not as good for my gums.
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Thank you for replying, I will look into the oral B brushes, and thanks for the reminder to check if I can get replacement brushes......my daughters dentist doesn't like the battery operated brush either, that's what she was using too xxx
I've had the best results with the colgate spin brush. I like this one more than ones which are much more expensive. According to my dentist it's doing what it should.
I use an oral b elec brush, the replacement heads are often on offer in Asda and I am sure other supermarkets and boots will run offers too. I usually stock up when they are on offer so they don't cost me much. I replace my heads every three months and I usually buy a years worth at a time or more depending on how good the offer is. :butterfly: