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Elevated blood pressure at dentist



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Apr 27, 2021
Has anyone else experienced very elevated blood pressure at the dentists office? The dental assistant insists on taking it (with a wrist cuff, which aren’t as accurate) every time I go. And every time it’s sky high, along with my pulse. Of course it’s going to be high, I have terrible dental anxiety! Can I ask them not to take it? Because it just makes me more anxious.
I've never had anyone wanting to take my blood pressure at the dentist's. I'm sure it would be through the roof, lol. Sure, why not ask them not to take it, if it makes you more anxious? (unless of course you're having IV sedation)
It's a fairly new thing they're doing. I guess we see dentists more often than our primary care doctors, so they take your BP to "catch" any problems. I have white coat hypertension, so if I'm in a doctor's office, my BP is going to be sky high, no question. Ugh.
I had to have mine taken today as I'm having IV. Two times out of the three she did was very high but its because I was extremely nervous but after I'd calmed down it went back to normal
Yes I’ve had it done. I’m having IV this Friday for extractions this week
Should I expect that? Can anyone talk me through the IV sedation? I’m very nervous ?
I would just let them know that you have white coat hypertension. Perhaps you can track your bp at home/pharmacy the week leading up to your appointment & bring your list of readings? That’s what I had to do during pregnancy because I, too, have white coat hypertension. ?
Never thought of that thats a great idea. I didn't hear back from them today so I'm guessing I've been given the go ahead