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Jun 5, 2019
Newcastle Upon Tyne
I’m due at a conference tomorrow and although a lot of it is sitting and listening, I will be networking at the end too.

I feel embarrassed that I’ll be talking and all the others will be more concerned at the state of my teeth.

I feel in one hand they won’t care and will be more interested in what I have to say and won’t judge and on the other hand they will get distracted by my teeth.
Couldn’t you just wear a mask ?? (Covid does have some useful aspects…) All the best for the conference tomorrow!
That was an option, yes, just wasn’t sure expectation at the event or what others will be doing.
Most virologists think that we should be wearing FFP2 masks during indoor gatherings, and they’re the experts…. so you can’t go far wrong wearing one!

Wishing you the best at your conference tomorrow, hoping you feel a peace whatever you do. I know how what feels , to you feeling so self conscious , most likely you will be the only one noticing. ( I say this with a mouth half empty and very self conscious myself but have gotten used to it for time being so go about as nothing is wrong with my mouth :). and well, no one has said a peep . If they do notice they don't mention it and probably forget about it by dinner time. None the less its so real to be self conscious and really worried yourself.

Actually I remember having to attend some important meetings post Covid thinking exactly what Lets connect mentioned. oh.. masks.. I guess I will use to my benefit when I can so at some times I did use the mask card.

anyways, hoping all goes well tomorrow , we are rooting for you! :cheer2::cheer2: