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Emergency dental appointment - went well!



Nov 4, 2017
Hi everyone! For those who aren't familiar with my username/who haven't read my stories on here I am VERY up and down with dental work. I have a major phobia and depression, which means I have a pretty awful time most of the time.

Anyway, a week ago my other wisdom tooth (which they neglected to extract when I had the first one out...) started hurting like CRAZY. I am referred back to Kings to take it out. Honestly, I'm really irritated they didn't just whip it out when I was having the other one out (I was told it 'wasn't bad enough' to extract back in November)... now I have to go through the whole process again. More trauma, more sedation, more hospital. Thanks, NHS! Fuck you!

I'm back at uni now, in a different city, so I decide to see a dentist up here. I phone around and find one that sounds nice. I go in and register - the receptionist/nurse seems nice but a bit brusque. She helped me when I felt light headed - she offered me a chocolate!

I explained all about my phobia. She told me there was one guy who couldn't even set foot through the door! Poor guy.

I ask her when the next available appointment is with a female dentist. I cannot see a male dentist because I have had awful experiences with them in the past (I told her this too) and with men in general (teachers, tutors etc. basically picking on me and being nasty to me).

Then she told me.

I can wait THREE WEEKS for an appointment with a woman. Or she could fit me in RIGHT THERE AND THEN IN TEN MINUTES with a MAN.

Well. I asked to think about it. And... I accepted. She very kindly offered to come in with me.

Few minutes later this dude comes up to me in scrubs - I shake his hand and step away a bit as he's coming awfully close - I can't stand that around medical people, particularly not men I think it's so creepy. He seems warm, friendly. I think that they come close to be reassuring. Which is understandable, but remember in my mind they're like monsters, torturers. It's like having a massive hairy spider put its face in yours. Yuck.

We go into the room and I explain about my phobia. I ask if I can sit in a normal chair and he very kindly says yes. He seems really warm, very kind.

He looks in my mouth with a mirror thingy for like TEN SECONDS then looks though my medical history form (depression... antidepressants...psychiatrists...dental phobia...sees GP for mental health long term... etc.) and writes me a prescription for some antibiotics. He asks about penicillin - have I had it before? I say no, I have had Metronidazole (sp??) and he very kindly prescribes me that, and recommends I buy some antiseptic mouthwash (??).

I can't believe I did it you guys. My palms were sweating like CRAZY when I was waiting for the dude (the receptionist explained I was phobic before he came up to me) and I went into this kind of weird state I always do in these situations - like a rabbit caught in the headlights, can't move, can't think, everything's heightened but at the same time blurry and ineffectual because I'm so scared - anyone else get that?

Afterwards my legs were shaking from the shock of it and I felt a bit sick and exhausted. I had done it!! I bought a sweet treat for myself and some lovely stickers (of teddy bears!) to congratulate myself.

I went home and phoned my mum and she was so happy!! I'm feeling so good. It's definitely affected my mood for the rest of the day - I did my studying well and feel good and wholesome inside.

So... woo hoo!

On a related note, here's an update about my depression in case anyone is interested... unfortunately I had a severe suicidal episode over the Christmas. As a result my GP referred my to see a psychiatrist in a hospital. Part of me thinks 'jesus, I'm messed up' but 90% of me is like 'yeah, fuckin bring it on, let's sort out my mind!!'

That's all for now! :)

Awesome news! :jump::jump::jump: I know that it wasn't easy but you faced and conquered a couple of fears there - you deserve a huge pat on the back. I also want to commend you on working with your Dr. regarding your depression, also not easy but I'm so glad you are tackling that as well.

You just let me know when you want that user name changed......;D Keep up the great work!