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Emergency question - iv sedation in 6 hours and I have severe acid reflux



Dec 7, 2023

I’m scheduled for iv sedation with midazolam in 6 hours and I woke up about 2 hours ago with intense acid reflux. I did eat a heavy meal last night, thinking I wouldn’t be able to eat again for a while so I may as well enjoy it, and now I’m so worried about potential reflux aspiration and dying. Do I need to reschedule my procedure?
No, it's not an issue at all.
@Gordon unfortunately Gordon my dentist did not agree and said yes to reschedule my appt. They can’t get me in until the end of March now…I’m devastated
@Mrsmurray23 Oh no! I am so sorry you have to go through the whole stress again. The dentist wasn't able to get a vein on me when I went last month and she said maybe she'd have to reschedule. I said NO! Tighten that tourniquet and find a vein, I am not going anywhere! We got there in the end. I didn't want to go through the anxiety all over again. But trust me, try and not stress too much beforehand, eat a light meal the night before, if you're prone to acid, talk to your doctor about taking something to prevent this situation and you will be fine. IV sedation is the best thing ever. Hope you aren't suffering too much until your rescheduled appointment
@mouthsewnshut thank you - I am just hoping the infection doesn’t flair back up in the meantime. I can deal with anything else while I’m waiting…I just really don’t want to have to worry about infection spreading. This tooth has a hole in it, and I have a broken one on the other side of my mouth to, so eating has been quite a challenge. Looks like maybe I’ll be down another 20lbs by the time I finally get this work done lol