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enamel loss and colas



Apr 17, 2006
I was wondering if white spots on your teeth which is caused by enamel loss can be caused from drinking colas? I have some whites spots on my teeth that I am really concerned about and when I have went to the dentist in the past they did not say to much to me about them,but I know it from enamel loss. It is mostly on my top teeth on the front side and mostly near the gum line, but I do have some problems going on with the bottom teeth now. Can it also be caused from not getting enough vitamins?

I had one tooth that had to be fixed because I loss enamel there. It was my top left eye tooth. I have had to get this tooth fixed a couple of time already and I need to get it fixed again,because I had some enamel decayed behind where I had it fixed. I had a composite filling put there. There must have been some kind of some crack around where it was fixed,because I have a cavity again. I am tired of getting this tooth fixed and would like for it to be the last tiime I get it worked on. To tell you the truth I very nervous about going back to the dentist,because it seems like every time I go I have to get a tooth filled.

Is there some way to reminerlize the enamel on these teeth? I sure would hate to end up having to get them filled or worst and lose them. :censored:

You could try avoiding drinking fizzy drinks. Cut it back to a maximum of one a day at mealtimes. Cola is basically flavoured battery acid :(

GC/Fuji Tooth mousse is very good for remineralizing damaged enamel, don't know if you can get hold of it where you are.
Tooth mousse UK availability?

Hi Gordon - I also suggested GC Tooth Mousse (marketed as "MI Paste" in the US, in case anyone's interested) in another thread and was wondering where it's available in the UK? It's not listed on Boots website, and any online stores that sell it appear to be located outside the UK... so I was wondering if you might have some "inside knowledge"!
Hi Gordon and Letsconnect,

Thank you for your answer. I am in the USA and and I think I will get some from dental.net as you suggested Letsconnect. It looks like it could help the troubled areas on my teeth so I will give it a try. :)

After some checking, Tooth Mousse isn't available OTC in the UK, only one dental supply company sells it.

I'd appreciate it if you could let me know how you get on with it, opinions on it from dentists are mixed.
Cheers Gordon for checking!