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Enamel loss on front teeth



Junior member
Jun 13, 2013
I have enamel loss on my top and bottom front teeth which is gradually getting worse with a line across my teeth where the enamel is thicker at the top then about two thirds with the enamel worn. This is causing me to have pain every day from the sensitivity and when I last saw my dentist for my check up in February he just advised to use a sensitive toothpaste but is there more that can be done?

I worry that my teeth will become so weak they will just snap and this is so worrying as it is my front teeth.

Should I go back to the dentist before my check up is due? When I am there I always feel like I sound like I am a bit crazy going on about all my problems but then I never seem to get my point across properly and I forget most of what was said after I have left the room as I am so worked up inside. My fear is not of the work that is to be done it is what they will tell me is wrong.
Go back or find another dentist, write down what you want to know and what you are worried about. I had some stuff rubbed on my teeth in places also there is something they can coat your teeth in to help protect your teeth.

You can also get sensitive tooth paste to help I use sensodyne but a lot of people use colgate. You can rub the toothpaste onto your teeth near the gum level and leave it on anytime.

If you have a written sheet with you you cannot forget. We all get in there and forget everything a lot of the time.

Good luck :clover::clover::clover:

Don't be fobbed of ask until you are happy with what you have been told and have all the answers you want. :butterfly:
Thanks for the reply Carole :)

I have written a list for the doctor before so its a good idea to do it for the dentist as well. I find it hard as I feel like I just talk a lot when I am there and the dentist does not say much but I do talk a lot when I'm nervous.

I consider seeing another dentist but then I worry about if they'll be any good or if they think I have horrible teeth like one I saw before who kept saying things like, for your age your teeth should not be like this, stop eating crisps etc. At least the one I see now doesn't make these comments. I also have a fear that a new dentist will just look at me and say pull all these teeth out they are useless, even though I know deep down this won't happen but can't be rational about things relating to the dentist.
Your old dentist was being very unprofessional and rude to you. I can see how they could advise you not to eat certain foods for your own good but to make you feel bad is not part of the job.

Try and see the dentist you see now and take your list with you and see how you go. Tell them how worried you are too. If you like and trust this dentist then they are the right one for you but you need to feel settled in your mind about the state of your teeth and make sure they know that you really want to know how to get your mouth back to health and keep it that way.

Let us know how you get on. :butterfly: