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Enamel Loss



Jun 4, 2007
I would like to know if anything can be done to help teeth that have had a lot of enamel loss from years of bulimia?
I am recovered now but would like to know how to prevent further damage and if anything can be done to improve the damaged teeth and help the appearance?
I read about a cream type solution that can be applied to teeth?

Please help me!
Hi :grouphug:

Im not a denist, but I have just had a check up with mine who told me I also had lost some enamel (through frizzy drinks though :rolleyes:

I was recomended Sensodyne ProNamel Im not sure if its a treatment or preventive, but it could be some help to you

Good Luck :cheers:
Nothing can replace the enamel, once it's gone that's it. If things are bad from an aesthetic point of view then you're left looking at veneers or crowning I'm afraid.
Gordon said:
Nothing can replace the enamel, once it's gone that's it. If things are bad from an aesthetic point of view then you're left looking at veneers or crowning I'm afraid.

They don't look too bad at all,just from behind they look yellow and thin.i don't want to make them any more fragile so i was wondering what i could do to prevet further loss.
Just be careful not to brush immediately after eating acid food like oranges, or drinking acidic drinks like sodas.

Avoid diet drinks as much as you possibly can, they're so acidic they'll strip off enamel very rapidly.
According to a Chemist (PhD from Purdue) who researched this topic for many years you can indeed regrow enamel. see [broken link removed]

I'll summarize it here: You need to stop using toothpaste and use something that doesn't coat your teeth (he suggests regular soap), then take calcium, sodium phosphate, and vitamin D (if you get enough sun or drink lots of milk then you don't need the D). Also stop using flourinated water and quickly neutralize acidic foods after consumption ( have a water bottle with a weak solution of baking soda). NEVER drink sodas of any kind, especially diets.

Apparently the glycerins in toothpaste coat your teeth with a coating that is difficult to remove and the enamel will not regrow when teeth are coated. That's why every dentist will always tell you that you can't regrow it. You can't if you're using toothpaste, flourinated water, and the wrong diet.
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Enamel is laid down by cells called ameloblasts while the tooth is forming. When the tooth erupts into the mouth, the ameloblasts die off because they are removed from their source of nutrition. So without ameloblasts where does the enamel come from? Enamel is a complex mixture of Hydroxyapatite crystals supported by an organic matrix. Not an easy thing to reproduce I'm afraid.

I've read the article you reference and I'm afraid I can't be arsed to go through it refuting it point by point, there are so many basic errors in it that I'm afraid I think the author has some kind of mental problem.
ive read through most of it, and thought it was a good laugh myself, even know i know next to nothing about anything.

Now, i saw somthing instering on the science channel not to long ago they were developing a plasma light device that was placed over skin wounds and helped heal them. I think it was on the science of star trek or somthing, and it got me thinking, oh lord, does that mean in the future, with dentestry we could have a enamel matrix stimulator light that rapidly regrows enamel cells on a tooth by fusing protons together..

I wouldent say its Inpossable, just not likely from my understanding, anytime soon.

Is that to say, enamel growth will never be possable, i doubt that. We know it can be repaird with man made material, and im sure we have stuff thats close to it.

Just, sometimes i wish i could freeze myself in a cryo chamber and wake up in the future, were eveything is fixed instantly with proton infuxed matrix beams of light, lol

But, if you really think about dentestry, most of the time u can fix any problem really quick. Sure, rtc and caps and crowns take time, but, its not like a year long process, Inless ur going to a real busy dentist
i for one arent going to brush my teeth with soap :censored:
fell off the garden wall once and swore mum made me wash my mouth with soap :censored: :censored: not something im ever going to repeat!