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Enamel on teeth wearing thin...



Oct 26, 2009
Ever since i started using mouthwash (i am ashamed didnt use it before until 5 weeks ago... ) i have noticed that although my teeth look and feel cleaner, i can see that the enamel (sp) on my teeth is wearing thin... i can see all the nooks and crannies so to speak... it looks like the teeth have holes about to appear on them but when i look closer its like another layer of tooth is appearing - if that makes any sense to anyone at all?!

I use Listerine mouthwash - is this a good brand or should i be using a different one?

Or is it nothing to do with the mouthwash and how can i get the enamel back?!


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
It's nothing to do with the mouthwash. I personally think all mouthwashes are a complete waste of time and money, but they don't attack enamel. The only thing that really damages enamel is acid drinks like sodas and fruit juices, or acid reflux from being sick a lot or oesophageal reflux.

The only thing I can advise is to consult your dentist, it could well be that your teeth are completely normal, you're just examining them a bit more carefully than you used to.