End of root nerve pain from at home treatment



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Apr 10, 2019
Thunder bay
I was to get a filling last week and she realized my tooth was gonna need a root canal and wouldn’t have enough time to fully complete that day but would start the process and got a lot of drilling in and she put a temporary fill and I came in for the second part today and could she could not freeze my very end nerve that’s at the tip of the root without it giving me a total shock nerve pain sensation and said there was only millimeter left to clean out but it was so painful so she put something in there that she said will finish killing the nerve at home. It works slow and trickles down slowly and always mummifies it?? I’m not sure can someone clarify wat that is. She put a another temporary fill over it and prescribed me antibiotics and I go back in a week to fully finish the root canal. Well it’s right before bed and I’m suddenly getting lil intense nerve shock pains like I was every time she was in the same area but now I’m at home and it hurts. How long does this last ?? And how do I stop the pain. I never know when I will get that intense shock pain in there


Sep 6, 2017
I’m wondering if you had calcium hydroxide placed inside your tooth. I think it’s supposed to disinfect the tooth, kill any remaining bacteria/tissue, and I have been told it helps soothe the tooth. When I have had that medicament placed, though, I have always had that shock-like nerve pain that you describe. There’s no warning and it’s horrific. My endodontist claims I am the only one he’s ever heard of reacting to it that way, which seems odd. Anyway, that pain lessened a bit after the first week for me and while it still occurred, it was less often. After the second appointment, when the endodontist finished the root canal, that type of pain went away. It might help to call your dentist to see what they say. I hope you find relief! I can’t take anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen due to an allergy, but I think it might have helped me if I could. Tylenol did nothing for me. Best wishes for quick relief!