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Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
"I just thought i would let you know about the dentist I visit as she is really good with nervous patients and make you feel really at easy. Her name is:

Emma Leitch
Lisbellaw Dental Practice
8 Main Street

Emma is fab, so is (i think her name is) catherine, they take their time and talk to you and if you are extra nervous she is more than happy to give you a small sedative to help along. The first time i met her she sat with me until i was ready to let her see my mouth and anytime i wanted her to stop i just held my hand up. And what she did do that others didn't before was tell me exactly what treatment i would need, what my options were and how to best go about it to keep me calmer i.e like having the major work out the way quicker so we could work on the smaller things after it lol. But she is just generally a very laid back person who makes you feel more relaxed."

[Admin note: this review was posted when Emma was working in North Ayrshire, Scotland - she has since moved to Enniskillen]