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Evesham - Richard Colebourne



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Jan 1, 2005
I came across this website by accident and really liked what I saw, so I thought I'd share it:

If anyone has tried this practice, please leave a review in this thread!
:)Having been scared of the dentist for many years, I am now so grateful for the gentle and kind care provided by Evesham Dental Health Team. For anyone who is avoiding or worried about visiting the dentist then I thoroughly recommend this practice.

Evesham Dental Health Team
16 Broadway Road
WR11 1BG

01386 422833
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Re: Thank you Evesham Dental Health Team

Hi Libby :welcome:, could you please let us know which of the dentists you are recommending, and how they helped you overcome your fears? This is important as in the past, we've had recommendations for dental practices (rather than the specific dentists working there), and the recommendations didn't work out for people because they went to a different dentist from the one who had been recommended or visited by the original poster.

Many thanks in advance :)!
Re: Thank you Evesham Dental Health Team

My dentist is Dr Richard Colebourne. :)
My family originally recommended Richard to me and in turn I have told all my friends to go see Richard. One of my friends is so anxious and worry about a gag reflex that she has intravenous sedation for dentistry - she now looks forward to snoozing through her dental treatment and doesn't get apprehensive beforehand. For myself Richard helped with my anxiety by listening to my fears, being kind and considerate to my needs and providing painless dental care. He routinely uses surface anaesthetic before numbing and I am confident that I remain in control throughout. The appointments are less hurried and I can take a rest whenever I need to.