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Exam and cleaning with oral sedation tomorow morning



Jun 30, 2021
Tomorrow is the day. I will get the halcyon when I arrive to dentist as well nitrous oxide. I have severe perio issues, major gum loss to front lower teeth, black triangles to many upper teeth ,two teeth have very slight wiggle. At consultation two weeks ago he told me I grind my teeth so my left upper and lower molar is messed up. Dentist is pretty certain teeth won’t come out during exam and cleaning. I’m still terrified but med will hopefully make me not care.
Best of luck for tomorrow ? ?

I'm sure you can trust your dentist on your teeth not coming out during the exam and cleaning :). Let us know how things went!
Best of luck for tomorrow! :clover: Let us know how it went. You will be fine ?
It’s finished. He cleaned all teeth except for the loose ones. Return in a few weeks for treatment plan.
Heyy, well done! :claps: How do you feel?
Relieved but anxious to go back and do the work
Congratulations, well done ??!!